Please let us know if you are a Carer. (This does not include people employed to provide care.)

  • Does someone depend on you to help with the tasks and / or responsibilities of everyday living?
  • Perhaps you care for someone in the family or for a friend?

If so, you are a carer and might like some support for yourself.

You may have been caring for someone for some time already, regularly helping them with everyday tasks or giving them the sort of support they need to stay in the family home.

You may see it as a part of your life or your duty to care for your Mum or Dad, your partner, your child or friend, but there may be times when you need information, advice or some extra help.When you are a carer it is often difficult to have a real break because someone depends on you to look after them. You can get tired and run down, and your health may possibly suffer.Telling the Surgery can help us to support you and make sure that you yourself get the right sort of care.

We feel it is important to recognise and value the work you do as a carer. Weavers Medical has a Carers Register so that carers like you are known and we can offer the information and support that you may need, including referral for a Carers Assessment if requested. If you would like to be included in this list, then please complete a Carers form online, or copies are available from care navigation.

As a registered carer you are entitled to an annual health check, if you would like one, please ask our Care Navigators for details of how to book an appointment.

You too are important!

Register as a Carer

Complete our Carer’s Registration form to have your name added to the Carer’s Register and give your permission for this to be noted on your medical records.

Please contact the Practice Nurse Team for any help, information or advice.

Your Local Carers Centre

Northamptonshire Carers
123 Midland Road
Tel: 01933 677837 – General Enquiries
01933 677907 – Carers Support Line

The Centre is open Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm