Travel Information and Fees

All vaccines that are provided to you are free of charge except:

 Vaccine Course of Cost per injection
 Rabies  3  £49.50
 Encephalitis  3  £66.00
 Meningitis  1  £49.00
 Yellow Fever  1  £55.00
 Hepatitis B  3  £33.00
 Yellow Fever Exemption Certificate  –  £11.00

Please note we accept cash or card payments. We do NOT accept cheques.

Most vaccines take 2 weeks to get into your system. Do not attend the clinic less than 2 weeks before your travel date. If you are travelling for over a month you will need to be seen at least 4 weeks before your travel date.

Yellow Fever

We offer Yellow Fever vaccinations. If you require Yellow Fever there will be a charge and you may be required to attend a further appointment with the nurse.

Anti Malarials

The nurse will advise which type of Anti-Malarial you need. The following Anti-Malarials can be bought over the counter at a pharmacy:

  • Paludrine
  • Chloroquine

If the Nurse advises you need any of the Anti-Malarials below, a fee of £18.50 will be charged as the prescription can only be issued on a private prescription. There will also be a cost when the prescription is dispensed payable to the Pharmacist for dispensing the drug and the cost of the medicine.

  • Lariam (Mefloquine)
  • Malarone
  • Doxycycline


Please bring adequate means of payment to your appointment. A vaccine that requires payment will not be given unless you can pay for it.

Methods of payment accepted:

  • Card
  • Cash

If you have a disability which means you need information in a different way please contact the surgery and fill in an Accessibility Contact Form.